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22nd Annual Crab Carnival

Come out of your shell! The Crab Carnival menu will be available from October 15th through November 13th.

Enjoy a boatload of fresh & declicious crab fare: Alaskan king crab legs, jonah crab claws, dungeness crab, Florida stone crab claws, snow crab legs, & soft shell blue crabs.

In addition, the Crab Carnival menu will feature a variety of "Crabbetizers", crab soups & salads, and other creations, including the Crab Grenade, Crab Tater Tots, Crab Conchiglioni, and the Crab Carnage Steamer.

You can view the full menu HERE.

Upcoming Jazz

Lots of jazz on the way!

We've provided a schedule here as a quick reference, but be sure to check out the Events page for more details!

$25 Lobster Dinner

Every Thursday!

Murder on the Menu

Corpses in the alley, corpses in the house, and corpses in the park!
Join us for historically inspired menus and beverage pairings served with a side of real life murder from Cincinnati's past, including Harry Baldwin, Anna Marie Hahn, and George Remus.

  • Thursday, June 17th: Harry Baldwin Murder
  • Saturday Brunch, June 19th: Harry Baldwin Murder
  • Thursday, July 15th: Anna Marie Hahn Story
  • Thursday, August 19th: Harry Baldwin Murder
  • Thursday, September 16th: Anna Marie Hahn Story
  • Thursday, October 21st: Harry Baldwin Murder

These events – entertainment, dinner and beer (Baldwin) or wine (Hahn) pairings – are all-inclusive experiences for 60.00.

Thursday, November 18th: The Imogene & George Remus Story - 70.00
A special Prohibition Era menu & whiskey event, featuring George Remus Whiskey.

Purchase tickets in advance at Cincy Murder Dinners

2021 Event Calendar

Everything in its right place! We hope.

Here are the event dates for the rest of the year, mark 'em down! But if you happen to forget, you can always check our event page for details (as well as information about live music and other specials).

...and all that jazz
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